Monday, February 16, 2009

Think—And SPEAK—Before You Type

I know I've talked about email communication before, but it continues to be an issue so I will continue to write about it. How and what you communicate via email says a lot more about what kind of person you are than you might think.

The focus of today's post is on personal communication, but the same observations hold true for business.

If you have ever called it quits in a relationship via text, email—even voice mail, you owe the person a serious apology. This is a disturbing trend I see as our society becomes more web-focused. Any communication that could potentially hurt or disappoint someone should NEVER be delivered via text or email. It's insensitive, rude, gutless, cowardly, thoughtless, and classless. Were you raised by wolves? I like what my dear friend Sherry had to say about this disturbing practice: "It's a pansy-ass move and the wimpiest thing EVER."

Talk face-to-face. If you can't do that, pick up the phone. But don't send a text or email and pretend you are being honest. By the way, NOT returning phone calls as a way to avoid a difficult conversation is JUST AS LAME. And yes, I know guys are guilty of this too.

For the record, some of my best friends—and people I respect most in the world—are people who weren't afraid to initiate or participate in an open, honest dialogue when it became clear there wasn't chemistry.

Although I make my living as a speaker, I will probably not be remembered as one of the great communicators. Nevertheless, I am working hard to improve. That's why the communication issue is so important to me—aside from the fact that it sucks to be on the receiving end of someone else's bad manners.

Think—and SPEAK—before you type.